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Power output in three-phase 230V / 400V
Net weight (Kg)
Tank shape
Automatic blade retraction


10/20 divisions
Stainless steel exterior

Hydraulic divider

Silent operation (under 65 db)
Increased production
Easy to clean

The Div and Div-R comprise our range of hydraulic dividers. Available in square (stainless steel tank) or round (cast iron tank) versions, they enable dough to be divided into 20 portions of 100 g to 900 g in weight. The square version is available with a 10/20 option which enables division of 10 wide dough pieces with a maximum weight of 1,800 g.

The Div-R model comes with a pressure adjustment feature to process dough with high or low water content without compromising the quality of your product. It is also fitted with a flour dust collection system which ensures optimal working conditions.

division : up to 900 pieces/ hour

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