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Teflon-coated hopper, capacity in kg
Adjustable speed from …to… pieces/hour
Power output in three-phase 230V / 400V
Net weight (Kg)
Counter, programmable preset counter
Drum, steel chrome
3-seal Rilsan piston
Stainless steel covering
Out-feed belt scraper
Adjustable pre-rounding plate
270 mm wide out-feed belt
3 litre capacity flour duster

Choice of settings

Diameter piston (weight of dough balls min/max (gr))
Length of out-feed belt ( mm)


Additional lubrication at discharge
Stainless steel/Teflon-coated hopper with 200 kg capacity
Remote control
Additional three-phase power socket

Open hopper volumetric divider

Rugged design
High volume output
Accurate and consistent weight

The GD is a volumetric divider equipped with a Teflon-coated stainless steel hopper. It is equipped, as standard, with a Rilsan piston (available in 5 different diameters), a lubrication system with recycling and external filling, a belt flour duster, a dough piece preset counter and stainless steel covering for ease of use and cleaning.

The GD is capable of processing up to 2,000 dough pieces/hour.

Speed: 960 to 2,000 pieces / hour

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