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Weight of dough pieces (in g) - min./max.
Power output in three-phase 230V / 400V
Max. rate
Net weight (Kg)
right-hand/left-hand controls


Stainless steel exterior
Wheeled base
In-feed belt
Pointed end belt
Left-hand control (at no extra cost)
TRF20 out-feed belt (1 m useable)
TRF30 out-feed belt (2 m useable)

Horizontal moulder

Gentle moulding
High output
Silent operation (under 65 db)

HF is a horizontal moulder designed specifically for high volume production (1,800 pieces per hour) and for working high water content dough.
The dough is moulded horizontally (like hand moulding), using limited pressure and with the conveyor moving at a reduced speed.
HF can be equipped with an in-feed belt or a fitting for pointed end breads. It can also be attached to a base or motorised out-feed belt for greater

up to 1,800 dough pieces/hour

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