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Weight of dough pieces (in g) - min./max.
Power output in three-phase 230V / 400V
Max. rate
Net weight (Kg)
right-hand/left-hand controls
3 food-safe sheeting rollers


Stainless steel exterior
Wheeled base
Storage stand
In-feed belt
Pointed end belt
Left-hand control (at no extra cost)
Lateral guides
TRF20 out-feed belt (1 m useable)
TRF30 out-feed belt (2 m useable)

Vertical moulder

3 sheeting rollers
Ergonomic handles
Fast belt change

JAC offers a particularly comprehensive range of vertical moulders. Space-saving and compact, they are highly versatile and are equipped with 3 sheeting rollers as standard.

UNIC is our best seller, equipped with precise, easy-to-use ergonomic handles. It is fitted with a wool belt for gentle moulding (Whooltop or Synthetic option available on request). It features a clever top-removal casing system allowing for ultra-rapid belt replacement.

TRADI comes with all the features of UNIC in addition to a speed controller which ensures even gentler handling of high water content dough (Tradition).

FORMA has all the features of the UNIC model plus an optional patented flat bread system (Kebab, Faluche® bread, etc.) Activate the front belt and the machine switches to sheeting mode with a motorised out-feed belt to unload your flat bread.
As an option, all our moulders can be placed on bases (2 models) or TRF type motorised out-feed belts.

up to 1,200 pieces/hour

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