Strong points of JAC slicers

Safety cover
(patent pending)


The ergonomic concept embraced by JAC makes handling your equipment not only comfortable but also extremely safe. Thinking ahead of European safety standards, our engineers have developed a clever patented mechanism.

When closed, the safety cover triggers the startup mechanism of the slicer, and opens automatically once slicing is over. Some models equipped with a lever offer the same type of system, combined with the lever operation in this case.

Progressive traction lever


In searching for the best ergonomics, the JAC engineering team have achieved the design of a reversing drive coupled with the lever of the bread slicer. This device will allow you to save your strength throughout the day, whilst ensuring fast and efficient slicing at all times. The action obtained by the progressive traction lever has also the effect of starting up the slicing process carefully and of ensuring a sustained pressure where the sliced bread comes out.

Intelligent Slicing Concept
(patent pending)


ISC (Intelligent Slicing Concept) is an on-going automatic management system for slicing the bread based on the consistency of the latter. With this feedback system, the slicing operation can be carried out, without the operator’s intervention, and irrespective of the bread consistency, whether warm, aerated, crusty or compact. As a result, you will be able to slice any kind of bread, without having to worry about setting up the slicer. Like you, the Jac ISC slicer boasts a real savoir-faire.

Automatic blade lubrication
(patent pending)


Designed for bread with a high rye content, the blade lubrication system invented by JAC works in three stages:

  1. Clean blades, coaded with edible lubricant, and ready to start slicing.
  2. Gradual use of the lubricant film throughout the slicing process in order to ensure a clear-cut separation of slices.
  3. Cleaning and lubrication of the blades in the loaf hold-down system, following the slicing operation.
With this micronised lubrication system the least amount of lubricant is used (120 ml per 1,000 loaves) and it ensures constant cleanliness, whether in the slicing process or in the machine. These bread slicers also feature a reinforced mechanical structure, high-strength Tefloncoated JAC blades, and a slicing counter.


Ergonomic crumb collector


The new generation bread slicers (Self, Venice, Modena, Chute) are fitted with this clever and hygienic system for crumb collection.

Strong points of our dough processing machines

Easy cleaning


Maintaining a production plant in a good state of cleanliness is not only a requirement, but also a legal obligation and a day-to-day pressure.

In each case, JAC engineers have sought solutions to make it easier for you: Removable panels, safety access doors with easy opening (no tool needed), equipment mounted on casters... The latest upgrades incorporate totally amazing extraction systems for cleaning moulding conveyor belts.

Pressure adjustment


On the DIV-R, opening the door at the front gives access to the pressure adjustment lever. With this system, you can work with different types of dough, even very hydrated ones.



As in industrial kitchens, quality bread-making boils down to precision. Contents, temperature, time but also weight. As with life, changing as delicate a product as dough, managing the parameters is not an easy tash. JAC has thoroughly researched the best way to ensure consistency in the weight of dough pieces. With its pressurised lid, the vat of the JAC weighing scales leads to a dramatic reduction in the weight variation between the dough pieces, without altering their texture.

Increased production


Time is money. Every operation that the machine is able to carry out on its own, without you being present, therefore in “masked time”, is a significant benefit! And for those times when you do need to be there, JAC engineers have equipped the machine with accessories, such as speed variation, pedal, sound signal, etc., to give you the best possible production rate using this tool. You will be amazed at how much you can produce once you have well mastered your new purchase.

Anti-spatter system
(patend filed)


All the DIV-R are fitted with a system collecting the flours that are rejected during the flouring process (patent pending). A gasket set in the cover retains the flour particles that are ejected in the compression process. Channelled through a pipe, the flour particles are collected in a box placed in the front of the machine.



State-of-the-art technologies applied to bread making. Inexhaustible sources of innovative opportunities when implemented wisely.

Whenever the opportunity arose, JAC’s control specialists incorporated the best of current technology into the machines: programming and storing of repetitive actions, transformation of heavy movements into control inputs at the operator’s fingertips, conversion of mechanical measurements into concepts closer to the trade’s understanding... Accuracy, rigour, reliability: these are top assets when it comes to raising the quality of your products and reducing your operating costs.