Bakery production line equipment

Bakery production line equipment

What Types of Machines Make up Bakery Production Line Equipment?

In a commercial establishment, a general bread-making machine will not be able to produce enough product to meet customers’ demands. In the situation where the supply is not going to meet the required demand, the solution is to introduce bakery production line equipment into your facility.

Types of Bakery Production Line Equipment

A commercial bakery’s production line will include a number of types of machines. The following are examples of automation production lines offered by JAC-Machines.

The Proline Automated Bread Line

The Proline automated bread line has the advantages of being a very compact option. If you are working in a small space but still need to produce a high level of product, this could be the right option for you. The Proline bread line has a capacity of up to 1,800 pieces per hour. This production line has the capacity to produce several different types of dough, including:

  • Firm dough
  • Cold fermented dough (for making traditional baguettes)
  • High-water content dough

The Proline can be customized to suit the types of products you are making. The tray proofer can be connected to your choice of a pressurized volumetric divider or an open-hopper volumetric divider.

Once the proofing process is done, you can shape the products with either a vertical or a horizontal moulder. If you are working with products that require a lot of ball moulding, a conical ball moulder is available with this system. The out-feed belt for this production line is offered in a 200 cm and a 300 cm option.

Proline comes with an air extractor and UV lamps to ensure a hygienic work environment when preparing your bread products.

The PRO+ Automated Bread Line

This option includes the following bakery production line equipment:

  • A volumetric divider
  • A tray proofer with automatic loading and unloading
  • A moulder

When you choose the PRO+ system, you have a choice of having the moulder integrated into the tray proofer. This is a good space-saving option. You can also choose to have the moulder placed externally to the proofer if you wish.

The PRO+ is offered in two versions. The P12 is a good choice if you are looking for an automated bread line a craft-baking market (or similar capacity). The P17 will give you a higher output that is suitable for high-volume markets.

This system is fully modular and can be set up in several types of configurations. PRO+ can be loaded from the right, the left, the front, or the side. This model will give you the highest production rates (up to 1,380 pieces per hour) without sacrificing the quality of the product).


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