Who we are

Since 1946 our driver has been to innovate in order to provide the best possible support to bakery professionals. This longevity, we owe it above all to our customers: to their trust, their encouragement and their experience sharing.

Our customers are always our priority. The JAC team and our partners support you with responsiveness and flexibility in more than 90 countries. We offer two product lines: bread slicers and dough processing, with an emphasis on innovation and future-oriented technology at your service.


Our customers, the bread specialists across more than 90 countries


Our customers are bread specialists around the world, whether they are craftsmen in a single point of sale or organized in several hundred or thousands points of sale, like the grocery stores and supermarkets chains.


Starting from bread dough, they offer an infinite number of variations of products representing the tastes of their consumers, their know-how, their creativity and their traditional recipes. They are very demanding about the quality of what they produce and sell. The ability to meet the expectations of our customers regardless of their specific types of bread is an imperative that characterizes our machines and sets us apart.

A team, passionate and customer-centered


JAC is first of all a team of enthusiasts centered on clients. Over the years, the team has grown while always prioritizing responsiveness and flexibility to support our clients in their activities and developments.


The company has remained family-owned, which allows us to build and invest for the long term with our clients.

The team is distributed geographically between our four sites:


Liège in Belgium, bread slicers production, R&D and client support centre,

Langres in France, dough processing production, R&D and client support centre,

Boston in the USA, for client support in North America,

Moscow in Russia, for client support in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Our network of approved and trained partners 


They are close by our customers and provide local after-sales service during the many years of use of our machines. Also bread passionate and specialists, they are experts in our products and their local markets.

They share our philosophy and our duty that customers can rely on our equipment in all circumstances to develop their business.

Products innovation, quality and high added value


From the JAC bread slicers which have built our reputation and have allowed us to become the world leader in this sector, we have developed a complete range of machines in the fields of bread slicing and of dough processing.

Each of the products that you discover on our website is born from listening to the aspirations of our customers and then from the imagination and perseverance of our engineers. Being at the forefront of technology and improving the performance of our machines is our daily goal.

 Perfect control of the production chain 


All of our machines are manufactured in our factories in Belgium and France, which allows us to best ensure the level of quality that has made our reputation.

In addition, our continuous investments in our production tools and the leadership position that we have been fortunate to build enable a price-quality offer that makes our products profitable and efficient investments for our customers.