Bread dough slicer

Bread dough slicer

What to Consider When Buying a Bread Dough Slicer

If you are looking for a bread dough slicer, you may be wondering which factors you should be looking at when making your decision. There are a number of things you should be considering. The following suggestions may help make your decision a little easier to make.

1. How much volume are you doing that you need a bread dough slicer to help you with?

If your business is expanding, how much volume do you expect to do that you are looking to buy a bread dough slicer? If you can put a figure on it (or make a good estimate), it will help you make a decision about which type will be right for you.

For example, JAC’s DIV and DIV-R line of hydraulic dividers can process up to 900 pieces per hour. The company’s GD and GDS line of volumetric dividers can process between 960 and 2000 pieces per hour.

2. What types of bread products are you making? Is there a lot of variety in your orders?

If most of your orders are for round buns of different weights, you may want to consider a volumetric divider. This type of machine can give you pre-rounding of your dough pieces (on certain models) and a built-in flour dispenser (on certain models).

For a commercial enterprise that is getting orders for a variety of bread that includes buns of various types, a hydraulic divider may be your best option. It can divide dough for several types of products, including pizza dough, dinner rolls, sweet rolls, and more.

3. How important is the noise factor to you when looking for a new (additional) piece of equipment?

Noise levels have an impact on the workplace. Excess noise is stressful for everyone who is trying to complete their tasks. It makes working conditions more difficult and it is possible that your employees may have to strain to hear each other. Clear communication is important in the workplace and too much noise can interfere with that.

The DIV and DIV-R hydraulic dividers have been designed to run silently. Their operation will not add to the noise in the workplace.

4. Are you interested in a basic machine or do you want to add some optional features?

This is something each buyer needs to consider very carefully. There are some features that are optional that you may wish you had added to your list when you had the chance. It’s important to consider all the features available carefully to make sure that they really should stay in the “nice to have” category. You may wish you had added them when you had the chance after you take delivery of your new bread dough slicer.


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