Bread making machine for business

Bread making machine for business

Think About Flexibility When Choosing a Bread Making Machine for Business

If you are thinking about purchasing a bread making machine for business, you’ll need to do some homework before making your final decision. You’ll need to look at the types of bread products you are currently making, whether the type and volume you are producing are likely to change, and whether the bread machine model you are considering is scalable according to your business needs.

Types of Bread Products Currently Being Made. Of course, your main concern when looking at a bread making machine for business is how well it can help you make the products your customers count on you to produce. These are your staples and you need to find something that you can count on the equipment to be reliable for you every day. It must be able to handle the volume you produce for your commercial and retail buyers.

Is Your Business Model Likely to Change? Only you know the answer to that question. You are the person best suited to know whether you will likely be changing the types of breads you will be making in the near future or you feel that you will continue to produce similar types of breads. You also know whether a jump in demand is likely or whether your business is on a steady growth track.

Is the Model you are Currently Using Scalable? If you want the ultimate in flexibility in a bread making machine for business, consider a model is compatible with other products. This way, you are not limiting yourself to a system that will only be able to produce up to a certain amount of product.

Pro+ Offers Flexibility in an Automated Bread Making Machine for Business

Pro+ gives you more than a simple bread making machine. It’s an entire automated bread line. It includes the following:

  • A volumetric divider
  • A tray proofer (automatic loading and unloading)
  • A molder (this part may be integrated into the tray proofer as a space-saving feature or placed externally)

This option is entirely modular, which means you have the option of adapting it to several different configurations. This is an important consideration, since Pro+ is offered in two versions. The P12 is made for the small volume, craft-baking market. The P17 has a high-capacity output meant for bakeries turning out a high volume. Pro+ has a maximum capacity of 1,380 pieces per hour.

No matter which version you choose, Pro+ ensures that you get reliable production with a high-quality product. This bread making machine for business comes equipped with a retractable belt conveyor that can be activated when the molder is positioned inside the tray proofer. Pro+ works with the horizontal and vertical molders the company produces.


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