Dough moulder machine

Dough moulder machine

Meet Jac’s Dough Moulder Machines: Unic, Tradi, and Forma

Are you currently looking for a dough moulder machine for your business? Jac is pleased to carry three models. Each one offers valuable features and benefits that would make each one a great addition to your commercial enterprise.

Unic Dough Machine

The Unic dough machine features a safe-saving vertical moulding. The stainless steel exterior means this machine is highly durable and easy to keep clean. It also has three rollers and ergonomic controls which make it easy to operate. Changing the belt is a quick and easy process; the machine does not need to be disassembled.

Unic comes with adjustable rollers that provide a high degree of accuracy. This feature reduces the load on the user’s wrist. The “Settings Memory” function means you can program the types of dough you make most often into the machine for faster processing.

Tradi Dough Moulder Machine

If you are interested in a moulder machine that can give you more, consider the Tradi model. You get all the features offered by Unic. The Tradi model also offers you a speed setting. This controller ensures that even high-water content doughs will be handled with care.

Tradi comes with pre-settings for different types of dough:

  • Baguette
  • Loaf
  • Small pancake
  • Pancake

For the dough to be moulded and elongated correctly on the moulder machine, the box belt, and the elongation belt must be floured first. Given the nature of the dough needed to make these types of bread products, some trial-and-error may be required to determine the optimum rolling and elongation position for a batch.

Forma Dough Machine

Forma starts with the basic features of the UNIC model. Then you add a patented system for the bread onto this unit. To use, you start its front belt. The dough moulder machine then converts into its sheeting mode using a motorized belt. The flatbread is unloaded from the dough machine.

All of the moulders can be placed on a base if you wish. They are also available on TRF type motorized belts for your convenience.

The Output from Dough Moulder Machines

Each of these dough moulders is identical at up to 1,200 pieces per hour. If you expect to produce close to this volume, consider one of these models.

Don’t wait until your business is overwhelmed with orders before you replace your current equipment or bring this type of dough moulder into your commercial bakery. That is not a good time to try to train your employees on a piece of equipment and get them up to speed on it. Give yourself some breathing room and anticipate your need for this type of equipment by placing your order as you start to see an uptick in demand.


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