Horizontal loaf bread machine

Horizontal loaf bread machine

A Horizontal Loaf Bread Machine Has Features to Get Your Product Prepared Quickly and Efficiently

Bread is something that families consume regularly in Western society. It is a staple in most households, and many people enjoy baguette or artisan-style loaves. For these types of bread, you need the right equipment: a horizontal loaf bread machine will make preparation run smoothly so that you can focus on working on your business.

Examples of Horizontal Loaf Bread Machines

Consider the following examples of commercial machinery that can help during various stages of the bread-making process.

The Flexible Horizontal Loaf Bread Machine: Proline Automated Bread Line

The Proline horizontal loaf bread machine gives you the flexibility to process several types of dough. This unit can be configured to suit the types of products you are producing, including traditional baguettes (cold fermented dough), as well as high-water-content doughs and firm doughs. Once the bread has been proofed, you have the option of shaping the products with a horizontal or vertical molder.

Its compact size is an advantage, which is a bonus when space is at a premium. The Proline can be counted on to produce at high capacity (up to 1,800 pieces per hour).

The Solid Horizontal Loaf Bread Machine: LPS Simplified Production Line

You may be interested in a horizontal loaf bread machine that can get the job done simply without a lot of extra “bells and whistles.” The LPS Simplified Production Line fits the bill here. It includes the following:

  • A volume-based dough divider (with pre-lengthening)
  • A conveyor belt
  • A horizontal molder outfitted with an outfeed belt

Choosing this option of horizontal loaf bread machine lets you focus on increasing output. It uses a simple manufacturing process, which means you are less likely to have to shut down your production for maintenance. The good news is that the LPS can produce up to 1,500 pieces per hour.

The High-Volume Horizontal Loaf Bread Machine: Optima Horizontal Moulder

For high-volume operations, you’ll want a reliable piece of equipment that will be able to keep up this pace without breaking down. The Optima is a horizontal loaf bread machine with a capacity of up to 2,400 dough pieces per hour.

It is a real workhorse that is made from stainless steel. This metal is easy to keep clean and sanitary. The Optima uses a minimal amount of pressure on the dough during processing; it is molded horizontally in a similar fashion to hand molding. The amount of pressure is limited and the conveyor slows down during this part of the process.

The last thing you would want is extra noise distracting your team from their work and generally stressing everyone out. The Optima horizontal loaf bread machine accomplishes all of the functions mentioned above at approximately the same level of noise you would hear in with conversation in an office or restaurant (under 65 dB).