Manual dough divider

Manual dough divider

The Manual Dough Divider: A Baker’s Secret Weapon?

A manual dough divider is a machine that does one thing extremely well. When its dusting pan is lightly dusted with flour, and a piece of dough is placed on its pan, it is ready to go to work. The dividing pan goes into the dough divider under the dividing head. The operating handle gets pulled down. This is the point whereby the dough is flattened across the bottom of the pan.

The trip lever is spring, and stainless steel knives jump into action; the operating handle is pulled down completely. The knives slice through the dough effortlessly until they reach the bottom of the pan, leaving the dough cut into equal portions.

As the operator raises the handle, the spring action allows the cutting head to move upward. The operator now has number of pieces of dough of even size and weight.

Why is this particular machine so important to your business?

Diviform Manual Dough Divider Features

The Diviform manual dough divider is the type of machine you will find yourself using often. Once it is installed, you will be able to produce all kinds of buns and specialty breads. Depending on the grid you choose, this dough divider can produce between 400 and 3,000 pieces in an hour! That is a lot of products you can keep moving through your production line. If you have the customer demand, then this is the type of mechanical workhorse you need to keep the dough moving!

Here are some of the features of the Diviform for your consideration:

  • The unit takes up a minimum amount of space.
  • It has a stainless steel exterior, making it easy to clean and a highly durable choice.
  • The cutting process is performed quickly and efficiently.
  • The Easylock automatic grid holder locking system works by locking automatically once the lid closes. At this point, the automatic dividing cycle starts.
  • The right-side frame is compatible with all Form Factory grids.
  • Diviform’s stainless steel tank is the best choice for ease of maintenance as well as good hygiene.
  • The protection/movement handle allows for easy handling of the machine.

Choose from more than 100 grids that are compatible with the Diviform dough divider. You will have options ranging from delicate feather buns to baguettes, to rustic breads, and more!

Manual Dough Divider Training for Employees

One benefit of choosing this type of dough divider for your business is that your team members will be able to learn how to operate it quickly. You don’t have to plan for a lot of downtime for training. When you are operating a busy business, that is not something you want to be having to make plans for. Instead, you want to be planning how to make the most of your new manual dough divider!


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