Volumetric divider

Volumetric divider

Pressurized Volumetric Divider vs. Open Hopper Style: Which is Best?

Are you considering buying a volumetric divider for your bakery business? Before you make this type of investment, you’ll want to look at the ROI (Return on Investment) to ensure that it makes good financial sense for you. If you are the owner or manager of a commercial bakery doing a high volume of business, this type of equipment may be the right choice for you.

If you have made the decision that you need a volumetric divider, you need to determine which style is the right option. Should you buy a pressurized one or go with an open hopper style? Consider your options below.

Pressurized Volumetric Divider Features

Air Pressure with a Teflon-coated Hopper. Includes a 160-kg capacity compressor. It has a maximum production capability of up to 1,400 pieces of dough per hour.
Stainless Steel Exterior. This easy-care surface is easy to wipe up if a spill occurs. It is sanitary and easy to keep clean.
Flour Dispenser. This (self-contained) feature stops the damp dough pieces from attaching to the belt.
Dough-piece Weight Adjustment Wheel. Make adjustments to the weight of the dough quickly and accurately using this input device.
Oil Recovery System. The divider uses less oil with this system in place. The volumetric divider is outfitted with a cartridge filter. The machine makes a sound to let the operator know when the unit needs to be refilled. Filling the pressurized volumetric divider can easily be completed from the outside.

Open Hopper Volumetric Divider Features

The GD and the GDS open hopper volumetric dividers have a rugged, stainless steel exterior. Each of these machines can be entrusted to process between 960 and 2,000 pieces per hour. Their important features are listed here.

Outfeed Belt Scraper. This Belt is kept neat and clean when in use.
Oil Recycling System. A handy feature to reduce the level of oil consumption for the machine, which is fitted with a filter and a low-level alert for the operator.

GDS Model is Outfitted with:

  • Adjustable Pre-rounding Tile. This feature is used to pre-round dough pieces with different weights.

The following features are optional:

  • Built-in Flour Dispenser. It prevents dough pieces from sticking to the belt.
  • Dough Piece Lubrication. Used when required for specific recipes.

The GDS has a wider outfeed belt than the GD volumetric divider model (500 mm vs. 270 mm). The GDS also has an optional dough piece rolling belt. Both models can be operated by remote control.

All the models listed above have attractive features and will no doubt be good investments for your business. Before making your final decision, you’ll want to take your time and consult your dealer to find out more details.


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