Bread maker sourdough

Bread maker sourdough

When you Need a Specialized Bread Maker, Sourdough Fermentors Have their Work Down Pat

There is no question that consumers love their specialty loaves of bread. You will always have a market for the white and whole-wheat varieties, which are staples in many homes. Other varieties are also popular, whether they are being purchased as part of consumers’ everyday diet or for special occasions only. One variety that is especially popular with the public is sourdough bread.

To offer your customers the best possible product in terms of taste and texture, you’ll want to invest in a good quality bread maker sourdough fermentor machine. They take the guesswork out of making your sourdough starter. You can rest assured that this essential part of the recipe remains stable and consistent in quality throughout the growing process.

Meet the TRADILEVAIN Bread Maker Sourdough Fermentor

If you haven’t yet considered this brand, it’s time to get better acquainted. Available in three sizes to meet the needs of different operations, it can produce and maintain a sourdough starter at the perfect temperature and consistency.

The machine’s tank has a wide opening, making it very easy and convenient for adding ingredients (flour and hot water). Once the cover is in place, it makes an air-tight seal. The machine comes equipped with a cooling unit that allows the temperature of the sourdough to be controlled during different phases of the production cycle.

The Bread Maker Sourdough Fermentor TRADILEVAIN's Main Features

One of our bread maker sourdough fermentor's best features is its stainless steel surface. It is easy to keep clean and sanitary on the outside. Its interior is virtually maintenance-free since there are no scrapers to contend with. Cleaning is not necessary with this model of the mixer since the blade is situated at the bottom of the tank.

When you’re ready to remove the prepared sourdough from the fermentor, you simply use a discharge valve to remove the amount you require. The unit is outfitted with two valves: the upper valve is positioned at the minimum safety level to maintain a minimum amount of sourdough starter safety volume, and the second (lower valve) is used to completely drain the machine.

TRADILEVAIN also offers you an easy-to-read control panel that takes the guesswork out of operating this bread maker sourdough fermentor. It tells you when the sourdough is mixing, fermenting, or in a conservation cycle. With the easy-to-read screen, your team can tell at a glance how the sourdough starter is progressing.

With tank capacities in sizes ranging from 21.1 to 119 gallons, there is sure to be a model suited to your commercial bakery operation. This bread maker sourdough fermentor is a piece of equipment that makes producing sourdough bread a much quicker, easier, and convenient process for you and your team. You already know the demand for the product is there — it makes sense to include sourdough bread in your product line.


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