Bun divider machine

Bun divider machine

4 Reasons Why You Need to Consider a Bun Divider Machine for your Commercial Bakery Business

Along with loaves of bread, buns are one of the most popular products that commercial bakeries prepare for their customers regularly. If you are going to be preparing buns for customers, you want to ensure that they are appealing to your customers. A bun divider machine can help you prepare more products and ensure that the buns look good to buyers, whether you are selling directly to consumers or are packaging them for sale to retailers.

4 Reasons to Consider a Bun Divider Machine

Why should you invest in this type of commercial bakery equipment? Please continue reading to learn more.

1. The bun divider can perform the work more quickly.

Compared to having your staff cut the dough and form it into buns before baking, using a bun divider machine is a much faster way to go about the process. Using a grid, you can determine in advance exactly how many small pieces of dough you want to get from one large piece.

2. The machine is much more efficient than trying to cut the dough by hand.

Even the most experienced baker is not going to be able to cut dough into identical sizes and weights to prepare them for the oven. A machine will be able to do the job much better than humans. It will be able to accomplish the task much more quickly, too.

3. Automatic features make dividing flour a hands-free operation with a bun divider.

The operator chooses the grid with the number of pieces in advance and places it in the machine. The bun divider is equipped with features that allow it to place the dough in the machine, flour the tank, lock the grid in place, and remove the cut dough from the machine. All of these functions take place without the operator having to touch the dough directly.

4. The bun divider machine has an easy-clean stainless steel exterior.

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for commercial bakery equipment. It is easy to keep clean, so your employees are not spending a lot of time scrubbing down the exterior of the machinery as part of their duties. They can focus on other things, such as getting product prepared and out the door instead.

A bun divider machine is an excellent investment for your commercial bakery. It can be used to cut dough into a large number of shapes and sizes. Once you have one, you’ll open the door to being able to make many more types of products. The bun cutter will be able to help you offer pizza dough, baguettes, herb twists, fresh garlic bread, pastries, and much more!


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