Hydraulic dough divider

Hydraulic dough divider

Looking for Hydraulic Dough Divider Options? Consider the Div and the Div-R

In a commercial bakery, the hydraulic dough dividers are specialized pieces of equipment. Once the dough has been mixed into a batch, the dividers take over. As the name implies, the machine separates it into portions. Each one is of equal size and weight so that the results will be consistent.

Div and Div-R Available in Square and Round Styles

The Div and Div-R are both examples of high-quality hydraulic dough divider machines. They are offered in your choice of a square, stainless steel or of a round, cast-iron tank version. They operate silently, to avoid adding noise to the work environment.

No matter which style you choose, these essential components of a commercial bakery will divide the dough into 20 portions weighing between 100 g—900 g by weight. The maximum output is 900 pieces per hour. At this level, you can expect to increase productivity for your business. That is where you can expect to generate more income, after all.

If you decide to choose a square style, you can get a 10/20 option. This allows the machine to divide 10 dough pieces with a maximum weight of 1,800 g. You will need to consider what types of bread products you are making and how often you are getting orders for larger products of up to 1,800 g when deciding which hydraulic dough divider is right for you.

Div and Div-R Hydraulic Dough Divider Features and Benefits

Both of these hydraulic dough divider models come equipped with several features and benefits that you will appreciate in your business.

Stainless Stainless Steel Knives. The sharpened knives include an automatic retraction feature for easy maintenance.
Easy to Keep Clean. The surfaces have been specially treated so that they have non-stick qualities that will remain in place over time.
Stainless Steel Tank. This material was chosen for its hygienic features and its easy maintenance.

Div-R Model Features and Benefits

The Div-R model is equipped with the same features as the Div. It also includes the following:

  • A Pressure Adjustment Feature. It processes dough with either a high or low water content while keeping the quality of the product intact.
  • Flour Splash Prevention System. Prevents flour dispersal, which preserves your raw materials.
  • Dust Collection System. This feature has been put in place to ensure optimal working conditions.

The Div and the Div-R are two hard-working, efficient pieces of hydraulic dough dividers that would make a wonderful addition to any commercial bakery operation. They offer the exact types of features that any owner or operator would be looking for who want to increase productivity with a modern, up-to-date-equipment.


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