Manual bread slicer

Manual bread slicer

How to Get the Most out of your Manual Bread Slicer

If you have invested in a manual bread slicer for your commercial bakery operation, you’ll want to ensure that you are getting the best possible use out of this piece of equipment. It will be a valuable addition to the machinery you have at your disposal to slice bread into the desired proportions. Using a machine is much more efficient and safer for you and your employees than trying to perform this function using knives.

Get the Most Out of Your Manual Bread Slicer

The following are some handy tips to help you get the most out of your manual bread slicer:

  1. Before operating the slicer, check the work area in front of the machine to ensure that it is free from debris.
  2. Always wear gloves (cut-resistant type) when working near the blade or replacing the same.
  3. Wear slip-resistant, safety footwear when operating the bread slicer.
  4. Avoid placing bread that is warm into the slicer. It will not cut evenly. To fix this problem, you will need to allow the bread to cool down completely.
  5. Use only parts approved for the model you are operating. Always check with an approved dealer to confirm that you are ordering the correct part. Your dealer will need the machine serial number which is located on the unit’s nameplate.

Zip Horizontal Cut Slicers

The Zip horizontal cut slicer is an example of a manual bread slicer. This tabletop unit is very compact and slices loaves and buns lengthwise. The operator can choose whether the cut is full or partial, since the cutting height and depth of the slicing disc can be adjusted. This is the slicer to choose for high-volume commercial establishments since the Zip has a maximum capacity of up to 2,000 loaves per hour.

Slicing bread is a particularly dangerous job to try to perform by hand. This is a perfect reason to turn it over to a machine that can help to make it quicker, more efficient, and much safer for you and your employees. You may be trying to save money by waiting to invest in one of these machines; however, you could end up paying more in the long run if one of your employees ends up getting injured with a knife trying to cut bread by hand.

Machines like the Zip horizontal bread slicer have the capacity to take this particular job and make it run much smoother. Your employees can get the job done more quickly and then turn their attention to other tasks that need to be done. It sounds like a win-win situation.


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