The new VARIA is here!

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Today, JAC is pleased to introduce the latest generation of its famous VARIA slicer to you. It is the result of a complete overhaul of the concept of variable slicing. The many improvements made to this new VARIA will surprise the user both from a performance and user comfort point of view.

The new VARIA is here!

Speed: The new VARIA greatly improves cutting speed. Indeed, it is able to cut a majority of breads at 240 slices per minute, i.e. double today. Equipped with three cutting speeds, the most fragile and fresh breads can be cut efficiently at a slower speed. This machine is almost perfectly silent thanks to the Teflon blade and the third generation motor driven by a frequency converter.

Ergonomics: Equipped as standard with a manual claw, which allows the user to reduce the thickness of the last slice (the one defined by the claw which holds the bread in place during cutting), the VARIA can also be optionally equipped with an automatic claw for more comfort. In this case, the claw grips the bread automatically and the user gains in handling.





An undeniable asset of the VARIA slicer range is its touchscreen. Now at no extra cost and more modern than ever, it greatly facilitates use and allows maximum use of the slicer's capacities. Above all, it enhances the products by giving them a perfectly adapted cutting width. The "easy mode" of the screen also gives the choice between 3 preprogrammed and configurable cutting speeds.




The VARIA is the only one in its category to have a perfectly horizontal upper part (JAC patent). It is convenient to store your bags or your box of gloves. Opening this horizontal shelf gives you access to the cleaning position of the cover.






Hygiene: No need to insist on the importance of machine hygiene in stores and bakeries: The internal architecture of the VARIA has been completely redesigned in order to perfectly channel excess crumbs and dust to the collecting tank meant for that purpose. Unlike any conventional machine, the bread is sliced in a 100% closed environment, preventing the dispersion of dust outside the machine.

Personalization: depending on the version chosen, (800 or 1000 width), it is able to slice breads up to 490mm long, 340mm width and 160mm height. Enough to cover the entire range of products offered by bakeries today. At JAC, where the manufacturing process includes cutting steel to painting machines, you have the option of choosing the color of your new VARIA. How perfect is it to have the color of your current bread cutting machine matching your store's interior! Available in 4 standard colors, it is also possible to choose other colors or to have the machine completely in stainless steel at an additional cost.

Safety: JAC has always been at the forefront when it comes to safety. Therefore, the VARIA ensures 100% safe use and gives feedback on its screen when the system detects an anomaly.

The new Varia is available in Professional or "self-service" version.