Materials: Latest innovations: sheeting rollers in food-grade PETP and stainless-steel exterior. These material selections provide strength over time for your moulder and consistency of products being processed.


Technical: Not all customers have the same expectations or the same products, so JAC offers a choice of belts: Wool for gentle “traditional” moulding. Wooltop® for mesh that will keep its shape. Synthetic for optimum hygiene.


Range: Horizontal or vertical moulding? JAC has both options covered.

  • Horizontal moulding: A more traditional method with minimal stress on the dough.
  • Vertical moulding: For the ability to stretch out dough pieces with ease, using 2 counter-rotating belts.


Innovation: And if moulding and sheeting (kebab) flat bread were compatible on the same machine: JAC has created and patented it and it is called FORMA.

  • Rollform

    • For traditional baguettes with rounded ends
    • Kind to the dough
    • Compact and easy to use

  • Unic

    • Versatile for all types of loaf
    • Three rolling rollers as standard
    • Ergonomic controls

  • Tradi

    • Unic with adjustable speed
    • Ideal for gentler moulding

  • Forma

    • Unic with extra accessory for flat breads (pita bread, focaccia, pizza, etc.) (JAC patent)

    • Optional adjustable speed


  • HF

    • Kind to the dough
    • High speed up to 1800 pieces/h
    • Quiet

  • Optima

    • High output up to 2400 pieces/h
    • Versatility for a wide range of products

  • Drivy S

    • Compact
    • Light
    • 1.5 m length

  • Moov M

    • Robust
    • Adjustable speed
    • 2 m length

  • Moov L

    • Robust
    • Adjustable speed
    • 2.5 m length