Bread slicers for professionals

Full range: Table-top or on castors, 45 or 60 cm cutting width, single or double slicing, or even variable cut slicing, etc.  The JAC range of bread slicers is designed to meet your needs. With a traditional look or an uncluttered design and in a choice of colours, they will fit perfectly into your bakery.


Innovation for your convenience and efficiency: Automode automatic start, ISC® adaptive cut management, automatic claw, touch screen, progressive pull lever, removable crumb tray, JacFix or JacFlaps loaf holder, Misch® system, etc.; our inventions and patents make for an easier life for you and your staff on a daily basis.


Safety and hygiene: Meeting the highest safety standards in the industry, for decades JAC slicers have been providing our customers with the guarantee of a safe working environment. Their hygienic design enables them to be cleaned easily and intuitively.


A long-term investment: their robustness and low maintenance cost mean that our slicers will be your long-term helpmate and a highly profitable investment over time.

  • Pico

    • JAC Innovation setting a standard
    • Compact and affordable
    • Assisted lever

  • Duro

    • The JAC timeless classic: Robust, ergonomic and versatile
    • Assisted lever

  • Modena+

    • Modern lines
    • Ergonomic crumb tray
    • Assisted lever

  • Picomatic

    • JAC Innovation setting a standard
    • Compact and affordable
    • Automatic

  • Eco+

    • The benchmark slicer
    • Automatic
    • Customisable

  • Face+

    • Compact: 60 cm depth
    • Automatic
    • Configurable

  • Varia Pro

    • Variable slice thickness: 4 to 30 mm
    • For artisan loaves
    • Safe and hygienic

  • Integra Pro

    • Built-in
    • Variable slice thickness: 4 to 30 mm
    • Safe and hygienic

  • Zip

    • High output
    • Versatile
    • Safe

  • Chute

    • Productive: 300 loaves/h
    • For soft white loaves

  • Swift

    • Productive: 300 loaves/h
    • Versatile, no adjustment
    • Ergonomic

  • Full

    • Sustained production rate: 600 loaves/h