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Professional Bakery Equipment Manufacturer

Since 1946, JAC has been manufacturing professional bakery machinery and equipment focused on innovation, high quality and robustness. Our entire team is centred around our customers, who have been our first priority and source of inspiration since we started. Specializing in slicing machines and bread making machines, we develop innovative bread making equipments for our customers, no matter where they are located. Bread is an essential food product that is consumed in homes worldwide, and JAC is the only name you need to think of when you need bakery production line equipment.

JAC Carries Parts for your Bakery Machinery and Equipment

When you buy parts from JAC, you know that you are getting genuine parts direct from the manufacturer. There is no guesswork involved about whether the part will be compatible with your horizontal loaf bread machine, your manual dough divider, your hydraulic dough divider, your bun divider machine,or any other bakery machinery you are running. If the part you need is from a JAC machine, then you can buy from us with confidence.

Find Professional Bakery Equipment With Just a Few Clicks

We understand you have a business to run and your time is valuable. When you need a bread making machine for business, you can visit us online anytime. Our website is always open. We invite you to come to view our exceptional line of products, such as our bread maker sourdough, dough moulder machine, volumetric divider, and dough maker machine.

Browse our Selection of Professional Slicing Machines

Are you specifically looking for a bread slicing machine for your business? At JAC, we invite you to view each bread dough slicer to find the one that fits your needs. Perhaps you are looking for a manual bread slicer or an horizontal slicer? We carry a horizontal slicer. Save time and money (and your employees’ hands) when you choose this product. 

Professional, Experienced, and International Support: Just Contact JAC

JAC is the only place you need to go when you want to deal with a manufacturer that sells directly to commercial customers. With more than 70 years’ experience in the professional bakery equipment business, we understand our customers’ needs. We service the bread making machine for business that we sell, and we know them better than anyone else. If you need support, simply contact us at one of our locations. We will provide assistance in any way we can.