Manual or automatic: Our range of proofers offers several models to meet different bakers’ requirements:

  • Manual loading and unloading: MB range.
  • Manual loading and automatic unloading: BA range.


Compactness: Every centimetre saved in the bakery trade is useful. JAC has ever more compact and better performing systems (integrating our moulders into our tray proofers, retractable unloading belt).


Adaptable: The equipment choices available can be adapted to meet individual production constraints: with or without rounding shelf, standard or wide felt or Arconet troughs, internal or external outfeed, etc.

  • MB

    • Left / right hand controls
    • 2 sockets available
    • 2 trough widths

  • BA

    • High capacity, up to 592 dough pieces
    • Left / right hand controls
    • 2 sockets available and 2 trough widths

  • BA Pro

    • High capacity up to 504 dough pieces
    • Smooth internal walls
    • Adjustable unloading speed