(R)evolution: Reorganise your bakery with a view to: offer freshly baked bread all day long, improve your profitability by programming your dough up to 72 hours, boosting your responsiveness thanks to a concept that enables you to produce bread in 30 minutes (dividing/baking), optimise space.


An all-embracing concept: A work table, a catalogue listing 80 different grids, racks with trays in convenient sizes: everything is there to provide you with a complete package and an efficient working environment.

  • Diviform

    • For doughs with a high water content
    • Stainless-steel tank and exterior

  • Diviform+

    • All types of dough thanks to tamping
    • Adjustable pressure
    • Stainless-steel tank and exterior

  • Tradiform

    • Dividing in tank and/or using grids
    • All types of dough thanks to tamping
    • Adjustable pressure and flour anti-splatter system

  • Diviform Fullmatic

    Diviform with:

    • Fullmatic automatic cycle

  • Diviform+ Fullmatic

    Diviform+ with:

    • Fullmatic automatic cycle

  • Tradiform Fullmatic

    Tradiform with:

    • Fullmatic automatic cycle

  • Paniform

    • Automatic tamping and cutting cycles
    • Built-in flour dispenser
    • Tamping pressure and time management