Automated production lines

Proofing: Bread production techniques and constraints differ depending on whether you are a baker in Amsterdam, Paris, Boston or Bamako. JAC offers a range of automatic units with appropriate proofing times: 

  • PRO+, for approximately 20 minutes proofing.
  • PROLINE, for 4 to 5 minutes proofing.
  • LPS for accelerated proofing on a versatile transfer belt.


Hygiene: Our PRO+ tray-type proofer meets the most demanding hygiene requirements. Innovative design with smooth internal walls, stainless-steel exterior trim, UV lamps and air extractors to prevent bacteria from developing.


Range: Whatever your choice of automatic unit, it can be configured for use with all the products in our range. GD, GDS or PE50P divider, vertical or horizontal moulder.

  • Pro+

    • Sustained speed
    • Advanced hygiene
    • Proofing time: 20 min

  • Proline

    • Sustained speed
    • Proofing time: 4 5 min
    • Adaptable to a wide range of processes

  • UNIO

    • Customised